Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Snacks at the Market

The past few weeks have been wonderful at the farmers’ market. Although I have been finding tasty items all summer, within just the past couple of weeks the colors really exploded, a feast for the eyes even before the palate. Plus, I discovered that one of the vendors had freestone peaches. As opposed to clingstone peaches, I find freestone to be so much friendlier to eat, and luckily, they tasted amazing too.

Because of how beautiful the bounty has been, you just had to see it.

Last week, it was: sweet corn, freestone peaches, green beans, sweet potatoes, leeks, cantaloupe, heirloom and Roma tomatoes, and these fun little sweet snack peppers that I got because they were to brilliantly colored and cheery to pass up.

This week, I found: cantaloupe, peaches, butternut squash, onions, Asian pears, green beans, eggplant, Pattypan squash.

I also noticed once again that another lovely thing about the farmers’ market is that the walk to and from the market from our neighborhood on Saturday mornings is quite possibly the friendliest spot in northern Virginia. Other mornings it may be a commuter’s hurried trek to the rail station, but on Saturday mornings, people stroll leisurely along the paths. Just about everyone smiles at one another in passing. They say, “good morning” or “how are you” as you cross paths. This exchange of greetings that does not often happen between strangers in this area at other times and places. It is not lost on me that these encounters happen in the morning sunlight, under a canopy of trees alive with songbirds and over the prospect of fresh food.