Friday, September 30, 2011

Raccoon Sightings

We live in a very residential area, in a neighborhood full of townhouses and stand-alone family homes. With plenty of wooded areas and trails winding in and out behind the cul-de-sacs, though, we have spotted our fair share of wildlife. Of course there are deer to watch out for, but we’ve also seen rabbits, a fox, mice, and a praying mantis. We even have an opossum that frequently appears inside our tiny fenced-in yard. Most recently, we were visited by 2 raccoons. It was the closest I’ve ever seen raccoons. They wandered across our patio, up to the deck and back down, and then clawed their way up the fence and over to the next door neighbor’s deck. I actually thought they were quite cute, and Chris named them – Roger and Rocky. 

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